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DOIT Services NG is a service and outstanding result oriented organization, we are set
out to help promote Individuals, Cooperate organizations, institutions solve problems relating to people management, Organization and Business growth Strategy, Promotion (Image-management), Logistics, Customers retention management, Human resources consultancy and Human Capacity training

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Service do you offer?

We provide business solution via consulting services, which means that we help companies/SMBs to identify, explore, and solve problems. The end-goal is to help the business understand and improve its position, in terms of reduced cost, reduced risk, and smarter decisions.
Our services focus on training, business management and strategy, digital solutions, human resources management, facility management and team guidance.
This site’s services page explains this in greater detail.

Why do I need Consultant or a contractor?

A lot of people use these terms interchangeably. To clarify:
• a consultant provides strategic guidance to company leadership
• a consultant works in a professional-staff capacity
You’d engage a consultant to set your direction, then possibly hire contractors to build out that vision.
At DOIT Services NG we provide services as a consultant.

How do you work?

We prefer to keep things simple and straightforward:
We start with an initial consultation. This is a free, brief meeting in which we learn about each other and we get a deeper picture of your situation.
If there’s mutual interest, we work together to scope out a project.
After that, we execute the standard paperwork and get started.
That’s it.

Wait, so do you also work with startups and very small companies?

Indeed we do! We have a soft spot for young, growing companies. If you want to put supportive business services to good use, don’t wait to hire a full-time analytics lead. We can work with you on an ongoing, part-time, consulting basis to give you the guidance you need before you build your team. We can also help smooth the path for your success story.

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