Consulting Services

Our Services: Startup Consulting

Do you have an idea for a business, product, or service? Maybe you’ve already created a business plan but you are stuck on marketing, or you’re struggling to find financing. If you don’t know how to transform your plan into a viable business, a startup consultant can help.

DOIT Consulting professionals work closely with startup companies to diagnose areas of needs, challenges, and prospects for scalability in a challenging environment.

We are an avid group of consultants and coaches working with young startups to give them the requisite support that will catalyze their businesses for visibility and profitability. The daunting challenges of writing a winning business plan, go-to-market strategy, and pricing are taken care of by us. No doubt, the entrepreneurial journey from idea to established business is a long and windy one that is why we are positioned to help you through.

We have worked with scores of startups on their idea incubation Support, business plans, financial models, business models, market research in Nigeria.

Our Services: Management Consulting

Whether your company looks for a business and ethics management consulting, financial consulting, investment risks assessments, sales or an interim HR management, we are ready to provide that for you. We have proven expertise in any process that a modern day business lives and works through.

We also understand that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) is the bloodline of business in Africa in the 21st century.

By 2035 the number of Africans joining the working age population will exceed that of the rest of the world combined, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Helping African SMEs to flourish is crucial not only for Africa but for the global economy, because it creates a growing middle class with disposable income, in tandem with market opportunities for new investors.

Doit Services Nigeria is therefore poised to helping SMEs and other large corporations in Africa circumvent the challenges facing their startup, growth and sustainability goals through our management and business growth consulting services. These range from investment environment, leadership and access to market, new product development, market research, feasibility study, strategy planning, innovation drive, talent management, building the right management team that can work with the attainment of the strategic goals of the company at heart, sustenance of corporate culture and ethics, marketplace competition.

We have creams of professionals in the management and business growth consulting industry that help companies diversify their markets, increase competitiveness, improve the value chain of their sectors, and create more opportunities to manage their businesses in a more sustainable and profitable manner. We will help you solve the struggles with setting up career tracks for development teams, project/account managers, and sales/marketing teams, and we will set up controls and metrics to run all projects profitably.”

Doit Services NG has also established partnership with stakeholders in the business development circles that drive business success.

We have a special bonus for our management consulting clients which is Google My Business Verification and Authentication plus one local listing.

Our Services: Market Research

Accurate market research is the foundation for every business or marketing plan.

DoIT Services NG can help you gain a much deeper understanding of:

    Market opportunities

    Existing customers




    Industry trends

    Environmental or regulatory risks

When you understand your markets and competition, your business will benefit from —

    A more efficient, more effective sales process that reduces your cost of customer acquisition.

    Greater profitability, as well-defined customer segments will mean sales are closed based on superior value, avoiding the need to compete on price.

    Faster growth fueled by customers who become loyal evangelists for your enterprise.

    Sustainable competitive advantage based on superior knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the markets you serve.

Our Services: Background Check

This service offers you invaluable insights into your employees’ true identity; what they have done in the past and what actual qualification(s), records and details they have. Having operated in the business we have seen all kinds of individuals making all kinds of claims. Our ability to verify these claims has protected our clients from a significant amount of risks.

At Doit Services Nigeria we operate a background checks system that is smart, fast, efficient and effective. We reach out directly to people and institutions using our vast experience and expertise in the field and are able to secure true and accurate results.


    Educational/ Credential Verification

    Professional Certificate Verification

    Personal Reference Check

    Previous Employer Check

    Adherence Check